The Importance of Including Language Studies In Early Education

Language is one of the most important things that a child will learn in their life during activities for toddlers , it is a means of communication. As no individual is able to live an isolated life and has to be part of some sort of community it is essential that you teach them language right from the time they are old enough to start picking up the language. If you come from a bilingual home or if you feel that learning one language just isn’t good enough anymore then there are also many benefits of sending your child for additional language classes such as Chinese speech and drama classes.

A child is like a sponge i.e. they are able to pick up any language that they are taught more easily as they have a very high capability of hearing and reproducing the sound. This ability gets less as they grow older and it is lost between the ages of 8-12. Due to this, it is best to start including new language training for children as young as 3 years old.

Those children who learn languages from a young age are able to develop the concept of object permanence at a young age, they have better problem solving and critical thinking skills. They are more creative and have better flexibility of mind, enhanced memory and can also multitask better.

Learning a language can help the child achieve various academic benefits. Those children that learn a new language fair better at academic have shown higher math skills and standardized test scores. Learning a new language does not hamper the child’s English skills but on the contrary, it helps to enhance and improve the skills.

Learning a new language can open doors to your child that they had not even known existed. They can meet new people, go new places, and learn about new things that the rest of us will never be able to do. This helps give them a foot up on the competition on the work front but it also helps them to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for all of humanity and other cultures, this, in turn, enriches their personal life.

Finally, a child who has a better grasp of languages and can speak more than one language can add much to society and can contribute in ways that we may not have even thought about. Not only will they be able to communicate with a wide range of people they will also understand those people’s culture.

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