How Tuition for Secondary English Works

In Singapore, the secondary school students need to go through the 4 years of secondary school to prepare for the high stake O level examination. While coming from the primary school these children are not yet aware of the new format in English language and face a decline in grades in the first semester. This is one of the major reasons why parents are inclined towards paying extra for tuition. With the parallel pressure of staying at the top paired with the fear of failing, 8 out of every 10 households sends their children for tuition.

Education is a billion dollar business in Singapore and the nation boasts exemplary results in math, science and reading. English is one of the official languages of the country, where almost all economic and political processes depend greatly upon. The country is host to many natives and English is the one that unites them all.  Parents encourage their children to communicate in the mentioned language from a very early age. And because ultimately an important exam is to be given by the child after secondary school, therefore a lot of focus in studying and reading it is given. Now, in the country there are a lot of excellent tuition centers with countless private tutors that people can hire and they promise good grades. Sometimes, instead of teaching the subject, coaching is given of how to learn. The west has been astounded by the results being produced here and it all comes down to the strategy of learning and a highly trained teaching staff.

The tuitions offered for secondary school English assure making the students well equipped in the following areas:

  1. First and foremost is to guide the students of the new format in which they will have to give their examination. It is relatively different from the one that they were used to in the primary school so they need practice to master it.
  2. Then gradually there is an introduction to higher level of sentence structure and vocabulary through comprehensions.
  3. Passages are introduced and students are guided how to pick the right information and put it to use.
  4. Students are guided how best to communicate in the language to ensure power.
  5. Repeated testing in all regards ensures that the student is able to communicate, read and listen effectively.
  6. Finally, the comprehensions and compositions that are selected that not only help learning English but also widen the general knowledge of the students. Topics ranging from scientific research to architectural wonders are introduced, that widen the awareness of the students.

After the secondary school, the child as well as the parent becomes aware of what subjects the child has an aptitude in and thus are marked for A-level examination. So going through the phase of tuition in secondary school ensures good grades. There are some top tuition centers that promise results and in the event of the student not coming up to the mark, offer full refunds.

Although the tuition market has been declared a business but the effort that they put to build the admitted child up to the next level is simply commendable. In fact, the west is analyzing how it can adopt some of the teaching methods into their own systems to boost learning.